Baritone Malbec arrives in Quebec

With the arrival of the Klassen Argentina Baritone Malbec 2014 blend in Canada, just in time for the holidays, some may be wondering where and how to get a hold of this exclusive wine.

Since this is our very first vintage, and we are a small-lot boutique vineyard, our volumes are extremely low. We will be growing our production and making our wine more widely available in the next year.

For 2016, Klassen Argentina wines are only available in Canada through a private import. We congratulate Cameron McKenzie, of our Montréal wine club, as the very first person to register for a three bottles of this wine. He and his family will be the very first outside our family to try it, hopefully with a good medium rare steak.

The 2014 vintage cannot yet be sold directly to consumers in Canada because of private import restrictions. However, in Montréal, the wine club has collectively arranged for the private import of the Baritone Malbec. Commercial imports and sale should begin in late 2017.

However, if you are a US resident, you are in luck. Online sales of the 2014 Baritone Malbec are scheduled to begin in January 2017.

Starting next year, we anticipate the 2015 vintages going on sale in Quebec and Alberta late in the year. If you are disappointed that it won’t be available in your province, please contact us and we will try to help you.

For now, the best way to stay up to speed is to join our mailing list. We’ll keep you informed as to when our wine goes on sale in your area and when the latest vintages become available.